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Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society

I saw the movie Dead Poets Society to make the connections between "poetry" and the movie from 1989. And after describing the narrative of the movie I wrote my point of view. For me this movie shows how the poetry and the life must be “read/lived”. Any person has a different way to interpret things, and sometimes what is good for a person is not good for other. The problem here is this, they had to be molded by the school, and literature, poetry, poems, can’t be molded. Some aspects in literature can be learned by the theory, but the interpretation, the feeling, the “taste” can’t be felted by everyone. The student don’t need to find the poetry, the poetry must find the student, that’s the way that the poetry will make sense or touch the person, and this is what that professor was trying to do with that students.

(Posted By Lis Machado)

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