sábado, 9 de abril de 2011


I’d been lying if I said
That my mission is done
But I’d like to pack my bangs
And walk alone

A hot sun shriveled the flowers
Through this silence
I can’t make up for lost time
My feelings don’t keep the balance

One day I was set out to change the world
Face the evil; move in the cold
But now, my hopes are drawn
And my fears overflow

During my path I met
Wises telling the same things:
Figure out your soul!
Don’t believe in human wings!

But this road is danger
It’s difficult to control my anger
Many times I feel me thin
When I fight without win

By the weight of my emotions
I live in circular motions
This anger burns my heart
While my dreams tear apart

A. D. M. Leão - 2009

Posted by Antonio Deodato Leão

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