quarta-feira, 11 de maio de 2011

Commentary about “Ozymandias” group.

What we could learn is that this poem was written around 1818 in England. The poem talks about Ozymandias that can also be recognized as Rameses II, and it passes through the 13h century. At the first moment the reader is presented to the “stunning vision” of this tomb of Ozymandias, that was built by a sculptor by the kings’ order. The story is told by a traveller that is telling his experience about this moment and about this scene that he is seeing. As the group said “The statue itself is an expression of the sculptor, who might or might not have truly captured the passions of the king.”. In this poem we can see that has a lot of sarcasm and irony, and the power of the man above the other and the “time”, the humankind want to be eternal. This poem was written by Percy Bysshe that was born in Sussex, 1792.

(Posted By Lis Machado and Mariluce) 

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