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Eunice de Souza is an Indian poet with a Portuguese surname. I found it intriguing and I wanted to share it with you. 

Eunice de Souza used to be Head of the Department of English in St Xavier's College, Mumbai. She is now retired.  Acknowledged as one of the best Indian poets writing in English, de Souza was born in Pune in 1940, to Roman Catholic parents of Goan origin. She grew up in Pune after she lost her father at the age of three. She published the book poems Fix (1979), Women in Dutch Painting (1988), Ways of Belonging (1990) and Selected and New Poems(1994).
de Souza studied English Literature in India and the U.S and has been teaching the same for over 25 years. She has also been involved in theater as an actress and director, has written for leading newspapers, usually as a fierce literary critic. She has also written some very popular books of children's fiction, apart from orchestrating "Ithaka" the highly-esteemed literary festival held annually on the Xavier's campus. She has also four published children's books.

De Souza Prabhu
No, I'm not going to
delve deep down and discover
I'm really de Souza Prabhu
even if Prabhu was no fool
and got the best of both worlds.
(Catholic Brahmin!
I can hear his fat chuckle still)
No matter that
my name is Greek
my surname Portugese
my language alien.
There are ways
of belonging
I belong with the lame ducks
I heard it said
my parents wanted a boy
I've done my best to qualify.
I hid the bloodstains
on my clothes
and let my breasts sag.
Words the weapon
to crucify.

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