quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

"I was Lost" – William Butler Yeats

I Was Lost...
"I sing what was lost and dread what was won,
I walk in a battle fought over again,
My king a lost king, and lost soldiers my men;
Feet to the Rising and Setting may run,
They always beat on the same small stone."

This poem by William Butler Yeats is, in my point of view, about the lost, the loneliness, the fear of the most common things in life. Is like the personas life was a war that he couldn’t avoid, and that everything can rise again even after the sun set. That when you start your day he would end faster than you want and this happens to everybody, because the loneliness is irremediable. This poem doesn’t have rhymes, there is metaphor, and I think that also can be found some alliterations. I like it, and I chose it, because the poem is direct, is deep, and reveals the feelings inside someone’s heart.

(Posted By Lis Machado)

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