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Dead Poets society

    “Dead Poets Society” is a good movie directed by Peter weir that was released in 1989; it’s a drama.
     The movie tells us a history about a strict school for boys that are educated by discipline and methods very strict and old. The subjects in the class are gives of way traditional and archaic for all the teachers except by Mr. John Keating. 
    John Keating is a teacher who modifies the structure and the atmosphere in the movie. His methods of teaching are not conventional and he modifies the study about poetry. Using poetry John Keating introduces the guys to a new style of life. He puts in their minds a new vision about it.
   Keating tells his students about the “Dead Poets Society”, it gatherings that used to happened when he studied in that school and when he was young. It gatherings where was discussed poetry and many things that involved emotions in life.  The boys begin to do these gatherings and begin to follow their own opinions and convictions. Until the guy Neil (one of the boys) commits suicide.
   “Dead Poets Society” is very interesting because discuss about a good way “to live the life”.  It discuss about things and situations that are common for people. It is emotional and exciting and shows the human beings that they can to follow their own ideas and purposes. They don’t need to be “deads” faced the life. It is very appropriate for many periods; it talks about themes that are common for the people, talks about the problems that involved people in any age. When the movie is watched people can rethink about the history of their lives.
    What route the human beings are following? Are they following a good and own way? The societies are organized in systems that many times subjugate the human beings and the movies discuss about the possibilities to break these structures. Life can be life if the person has decided to live it.

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