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The first was developed in January 2001 in Madrid by Isidro Iturat, Spanish, born in Villanueva de la Geltrú and in 1973. Besides writing he also is a professor of Spanish literature.Lives in São Paulo, Brazil, since 2005. this is a new standard, endowed with acharacteristic musicalityIndriso is a poem formed by two terzains and two one-line stanzas (3-3-1-1), with free use of the number of syllables in its verses. It turns it into a fixed and dynamic form at the same time: on the vertical axis, the non-changing structure of the stanzas, on the horizontal axis, the changes in quantity. It was born out of a rearranged sonnet through a process of stanza condensation. The quatrains in the sonnet become terzains in the indriso, and the two terzains of the sonnet become one-line stanzas.Moreover it admits all grades and types of rhyme. 

The centaur looks inside through the window
and the sleeping woman speaks while she dreams.
She is crying and laughing, because a centaur kidnaps her.

The sleeping woman rides in her dream,
rides in her dream, and is also ridden.
In the forest, nobody hears her when she screams.

She is crying and laughing like she’s never done in her vigil.

The centaur is staring her… through the window.

Translation of the original written by ISIDRO ITURAT 

Posted by Antonio Deodato Leão

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