quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2011

Translating Poetry!

As this subject is about poetry I think that is possible to make a post of one task that I did in other discipline of our course. I’m also taking classes of Version, and some of this tasks was to translate a poem of Cecília Meireles. The one that we translated is the Chant I. We are supposed to translate poems in Portuguese to English. And here is my translation (of course, is nothing like Cecília, but we always try! J)

“Don’t you wish for a homeland
Don’t slipt Earth
Neither Heaven
Don’t throw scraps in the ocean
Don’t long for having
Spring up high
And everything will be yours.
And you shall reach the horizon
And your eyes everywhere
Shall get you to everything
Like God.”

(Posted by Lis Machado)

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