quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Alliteration in Beowulf

I found some alliteration in Beowulf 's poetry, but  I don't know if what I did  is correct, I tried.

“Grendel came creeping, accursed of God”
“Spoil of heroes in high-built hall…”
“And rushed in rage o’er the shining floor.”
“A host of kinsmen. His heart rejoiced”
“To feast his fill of flesh of men.”
“Gulped the blood, and gobbled the flesh,”
“But Beowulf grappled and gripped him hard,”
“The hardy hero, Hygelac’s kinsman,”
“To win his freedom and flee to the fens.”
“The house so fair; it was firmly fastened”
“Within and without with iron”

(Posted by Rafaela Souza)

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