quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

What about African poetry

It's not that I'm  sick and tired of english poetry, but, what I want to say it's that we learn poetry written in english language, but almost all the authors we learn are from Europe, USA, what about the african poetries, don't they have their place here?.
I'd love if we had the opportunity to talk about them, about these black, strong and awareness poetries.

To start up, i bring you, Chinua Achebe, nigerian author who is part of the so called "post-colonialism literature". If you guys have more informations about him, please post it here.

"Butterfly," by Chinua Achebe

Speed is violence
Power is violence
Weight is violence

The butterfly seeks safety in lightness
In weightless, undulating flight

But at a crossroads where mottled light
From trees falls on a brash new highway
Our convergent territories meet

I come power-packed enough for two
And the gentle butterfly offers
Itself in bright yellow sacrifice
Upon my hard silicon shield.
Why do you guys think he repeatedly uses the word "violence".

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