quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2011

I am a Poem

by Brent Phelan
I am a poem.
I see nothing but beauty.
I hear nothing but joyous readers.
I am a poem.
I wonder what life would be like if I were a sonnet.
I wish I could be read to the world.
I feel like I could come alive.
I am a poem.
I dream that I can be in a book.
I understand the nature of beautiful things.
I predict peace within your soul.
I am a poem. 

by Nicole Dancisin
I am a poem, intangible escape.
I see strong emotions expressed by writers.
I hear laughter, tears, and stories.
I am a poem, an expression incognito.
I wonder why I am used and used.
I wish people would face their problems instead of coming to me.
I feel honored and yet disappointed.
I am a poem, a path you might not want to take.
I dream I can speak to express my feelings, as people do.
I understand hidden literary terms.
I predict I can help one or two people.
I am a poem, just a shoulder to cry on. 

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