quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

Alliterations in Beowulf's text

I found alliterations in these verses:

"Grendel came creeping, accursed of God"
"Storming the building he burst the portal"
"Though fastened of iron, with fiendish strength"
"And rushed in rage o'ver the shining floor"
"Many a warrior sealed in slumber"
"To feast his fill of the flesh of men"
"The demon delayed not, but quickly clutched"
"Tore him in pieces, bit through the bones"
"Gulped the blood, and gobbled the flesh"
"But Beowulf grappled and gripped him hard"
"To win his freedon and flee to the fens"
"The raid that the ravager made on the hall"

Posted by Adalton Silva

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