sábado, 26 de março de 2011

My poetry

Unmeaning Love

Falling down into unbelief
Admitting it never really believed
And it feels its life has been
Sucked up into a vacuum clean
It knows that it was wrong
But this feeling it was so strong
Sometimes it doesn’t want to do some things
But this unmeaning love has his wings
There aren’t real connection or cum
There is only one fucking sensation of fun
It doesn’t even see a future
Living its wide torture
One unmeaning love
It is dying inside
Why it is falling in love
When it knows it won’t survive?
It makes feeling cold
Like the winter has to be
It spreads poison in blood
Like a unforgettable grief

A. D. M. LEÃO – 04/08/2007

Your eyes

You look
  Inside of my eyes
   With a smile in your face
     But I know that you lie
You tell me
  That you are bliss
    But your eyes
     Can’t hide your deep
You are ashamed
  That your heart is
    Building up your mausoleum
      Drying up what was blooming
Your eyes
  Ever was too bright
    They passed over storms
      But now there are not light
You look as if there wasn’t more
     As if you never had seen before
           Pretending the necessity to see
                You look at me trying to hide
                       [That you want to come back to me]

A. D. M. LEÃO – 11/09/2008

Posted by Antonio Deodato Leão

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