quarta-feira, 30 de março de 2011

What is poetry?

I agree with the point of view of my classmates about "What is poetry?"! But there is something that I should add that I believe poetry isn't present only on paper. Even before we start writting a poem, we are already living the poem (connecting with what Lis said about that it can be a moment the person could transmit his/her feelings or thoughts through words).
But differently of what people usually think, to write a poem it's not just to throw your feelings to the paper: it requires a lot of written knowledge (of course there are exceptions, like who have the gift of writting) because usually poems are compounded of many structure things, like the way it will be written, the alliteration, personification, rhyme and many other things that turns a poem as a poem itself.
To summarize, poetry is the union of knowlege resources used in writting with the gift of bringing feelings to words, bringing moments, relief, irony, humor, and what we usually expect from a poem: love.

(Posted by Charon Boscá)

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