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What is Poetry? 1

Hi there!

I've changed the configuration of the blog (as you can clearly see, rs) because the old layout was a bit confusing. I guess it is more to the point of an academic blog now. However, if you disagree, please change it back ok???

Now, going to the point: What is poetry???

Well, poetry is a text written in verses that makes huge use of language stylistic devices (such as aliteration and/or rhyme) and depending on the artistic school the author is evolved it can have a fixed structure (a "right" number of syllables and verses) or be completly free in its structure.
On the other hand, poetry tells much about feelings, it is very personal. So, it is also an artistic way to escape from reality, to expose the self, to talk about politics. Concluding, it is all about humanity.

And that's all, folks!
by Bárbara Prado.


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